Children’s Photography Tips

Children’s photography tips offer creative suggestions on posing and composition for beginner photographers, inlcuding tip #5 for my “best kept secret”

Children’s Photography Tip #1

If you are tired of school pictures (who isn’t?), photograph your child outdoors. Do you have a lake nearby? Lakes or ponds make really neat backdrops. Place your child off-center for an artsy and fun look. You will also be following the rule of thirds when you do not place your subject in the center of the image.


Children’s Photography Tip #2

Frustrated with asking your kids to pose in front of the camera? Take them to one of their favorite places and let them play and be themselves. You’ll capture storybook images. Convert the image to black and white or sepia to enhance the timelessness of the image. You can shoot in monochrome with your camera by setting the picture style to monochrome. You can also shoot in color and then convert the image to black and white in Photoshop


Children’s Photography Tip #3

Don’t wait for you child to say cheese if you are looking for a genuine smile. Wait for the right moment and seize it! This one is a keeper. Watch the light so the child does not squint by looking into the sun (front-lighting)


Children’s Photography Tip #4

If your kids participate in sports, this tip is for you. Set you camera on shutter priority and shoot at 1/250 second to stop action; you must have a fast shutter speed to stop action. With photos like this, you could get the next job as the sports photographer. If a ball is used in a sport always make sure the ball is in the photo.


Children’s Photography Tip #5

I receive more comments on the photo collage below, than anything else in my studio. Every year I photographed my daughter on her birthday (ages 3-16) with the same shirt, standing by the same door. I placed a height label of 5’8″ (my height) to gauge her growth year-to-year. I also photographed my son the same way every year. If you have young children it is never too late to get started.


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