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HTSP2015_cvr2Learning how to price and sell prints is one of the biggest hurdles for new photographers to undertake.  I feel the pain every time I read about another photographer who wants to transition out of selling digital images but doesn’t know where to begin. That is why I wrote “How to Sell Prints” so I could share what has worked for me in my photography business with struggling photographers.  If you are motivated to make a change and to create a profitable business, this tutorial will be perfect for you.

  If you are confused about how to price your photography you are not alone. I have been in the same situation myself. When I first started my business in 1997 I charged $8 for a 4 x 6 and $25 for an 8 x 10. I grappled with pricing and how much to charge for my portraits, so I could make a profit. Seemed like I was always working, yet I did not have enough money left over at the end of the month to pay myself. Then my accountant said in order for my business to be successful, I needed to have an entrepreneurial profit at the end of every year. How was I ever going to do that when my average sale was only $150?

Like many of you, I just loved photography and knew it was what I wanted to do more than anything. It meant I could work around my kids’ schedules, take days off to volunteer at my kids’ schools and be home every night so I could cook dinner for my family. I struggled for years, and then a light bulb went off, and I knew I had to do something, or else I would end up working a 9-5 job again.

In 1998 I started to go to photography workshops and learned how other photographers made money. Their work wasn’t any better than mine, so there wasn’t any reason why I couldn’t make the big bucks as well. I continued going to seminars and conventions and learned one simple formula that changed my life. My sales sky-rocketed and I was enjoying the good life. But best of all, I had a great lifestyle so I could spend more time with my family.

Learning how to price photography can seem difficult

because as photographers, we have an emotional connection with our work. How do we attach a dollar sign to images that come from our heart or are an extension of our soul? Pricing photography, however, is just like pricing any other product or tangible item. If you can operate a hand-held calculator or know how to use a spreadsheet, it is very simple.  I am not telling you to price how I price. Heavens no! My photographer’s price guide offers five different pricing scenarios based on what your comfort and professional level is. And then to top it off, I offer a very handy spread sheet so you can punch in your numbers and come up with your prices. It’s so easy!

In the tutorial, I will tell you the straightforward process and help you apply it to your own circumstances.

For instance:

* How long have you been in business?

* How confident are you of your prices?

* Do you want to work a lot?

* Do you want to work just a few days a week?

* Is photography a hobby to you or a business?

And best of all, I provide you with the tools to start building your prices. I call it “Plug and Pay.” You plug in the numbers and your customers pay. I realize that not every photographer will feel comfortable charging $125 for an 8 x 10, so I have suggested pricing guidelines that depend on your comfort level and years of experience. I suggest a profitability range – as long as you choose a level within the range, you will make a profit and remain at a comfortable price level.

The tutorial is divided into three sections

  1.  Mary’s twelve selling and pricing tips, including her BEST SELLING TIP
  2.  An explanation of the Cost of Sales Approach to pricing and how you can apply it to your own circumstances. You choose the pricing structure that fits your level of experience and confidence.
  3.  Frequently asked questions and answers.

I have also included the following FIVE bonuses:

  1.  A sample price list that is saved as a Microsoft Word file so you can use as a template to customize your own price list.
  2.  A “Plug and Pay” spreadsheet which is ready for you to use with your own products. This is the ultimate photographer’s price guide.
  3.  Six Steps for Success PDF so you can get started on the right foot
  4.  A recommended vendor list of who I use for all my products including metal prints, canvas wraps,
  5.  A 45 minute video on “How to Sell In-Person”

If you are not serious about making a profit

this tutorial may not be for you. It was written for portrait photographers who want to make money. It doesn’t matter where you live, what type of portrait photography you do, or what kind of camera you have; the principles within the tutorial will still apply.

I feel so strongly that I GUARANTEE

if you apply the principles in the photographer price guide your sales will increase in 30 days, if you apply them immediately. If you do not see your sales increase, I will refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

Read what other photographers had to say:

Everything in this photographer price guide is perfect. The spreadsheet is fabulous, the FAQ’s are perfect, and the sample price list is a great guide to set your own prices! I would recommend this to everyone! Sammy T

This is the best way to learn how to increase your profits fast and easy! The spreadsheet is a live saver! Thanks for the useful tool. John L

Wow! Mary’s book is right on. I have operated my portrait studio for 15 years. It has taken me years to learn and figure out all the information she is sharing. She does it in a very concise and simple way. Some of the educational material I have purchased over the years has been full of fluff, but Mary gives very specific hints that will move your studio in the right direction in an exponential way. The cost of goods spread sheet is an awesome tool to help you truly understand how you should price to earn a profit. This is very challenging for beginners. Mary’s knowledge will more than pay for the price of this book.  Linda Edmonds, Precious Memories Portraits

SAVE $45

PRICED AT $129.99 – The tutorial is available for an SPECIAL PRICE of  $84.99 available until June 15, 2016. 

Your CD will be mailed to you within 2 business days via USPS Priority Mail.


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