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How to Start an Infant Photography Business

Angel BabyThere’s gold in them there diapers!

I have been specializing in infant photography since 1999. At that time I had only been a photographer for two years. I was running around photographing weddings, events, and just about anything I could get my hands on. I was everything to everyone. I soon discovered that having my own business did not allow me the freedom I originally anticipated. That’s when I decided that specializing would allow me the lifestyle I desired. The first thing that came to my mind was BABIES. Why not have a niche in infant photography? Most new moms are home during the first 3-4 months of their baby’s life and after that many moms go back to work part-time or decide not to go back all. That meant they were available for sessions during the daytime hours when I wanted to work. I expanded my niche by providing a very high end “angel baby” session and images. When I sent out my first postcard I received over 50 phone calls my first day. I even had people on hold.  This was my awakening.I’ve come a long way since my award-winning angel baby images. For over ten years I have operated a successful First Year Infant Program from my studio in Duluth, Georgia. I even opened up a studio at a local hospital where I photographed newborns everyday. For over ten years I have continued to build by niche in infant photography. I am no longer using angel props and have evolved by providing more updated images and products. The digital revolution spawned a brand new arena of creativity with unique products and services. I have learned so much over the past ten years that now I want to share my knowledge with others. I have achieved alot of success over the past decade,but it has not always been easy. I have made bloopers and have had many trials and errors. That is why I have designed a program so that you will not make the same mistakes that I have.

baby_sbiMy infant photography program is different than others

I know babies better than anyone (well,except maybe a pediatrician.)  I am familiar with their coos, burps, wiggles, kicks, and poop (I’ve seen lots of that).  I am familiar with their developmental stages and that is why I have designed a special program that focuses on the turning points in the infant’s first year. While most plans are designed around a 3-6-9-12 month program I have set my program up to follow a newborn-4-8-12 month program.  It just makes more sense; a four month old baby holds their head up much better than a three month old baby; an eight month old baby can sit up while a six month old baby usually cannot.  I have also included the newborn stage so the magical moments of this very short time can be captured. I am providing the tools and knowledge I have accumulated over a decade in a First Year Infant Program. Here is what what you can expect in the infant photography program: 1) A Complete Guide to Implementing your First Year Infant Program.

  •          Setting up your business
  •          Marketing – finding the right clients
  •          Preparing your studio or space for babies
  •         The pre-portrait consultation – why this overlooked step is so important
  •         The four studio sessions including age appropriate poses
  •         The sales session – get this right and watch your sales skyrocket
  •         Daily motivation and goal setting

2) Camera room and lighting set-up, including an article on natural lighting 3) Sample marketing letters – just plug in your information and use them 4)  Over 30 sample poses you can use for the infant’s first year. 5) Recommended book list 6) Preferred vendor list 7) Model release/client card, gift buying guide worksheet and sample price list in a word file so you can customize for your own use 8) Cute baby quotes for marketing materials 9) A bonus chapter on “How to Set up a Program at Your Local Hospital.” 10) Recommended book list 11) Preferred vendor list ORDER TODAY AND RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING FIVE BONUSES: BONUS #1

6 MONTHS OF FREE EMAIL SUPPORT. I WILL HOLD YOUR HAND DURING YOUR FIRST SIX MONTHS by offering my insight and recommendations. The email support is unheard of.  I cannot find another professional photographer who offers a one-on-one support program like this.  You will not deal with an assistant in my office. Only I  will answer your very important questions to help you get your program off the ground.  Your success if very important to me and I am here to help.

BONUS #2 A BONUS CHAPTER ON HOW TO START A NEWBORN PROGRAM AT YOUR LOCAL HOSPITAL. Hospitals are in competition with each other just like any business.  Providing a personalized service like photography adds value to what a hospital already does.  It is easier than you think to set up this type of program.

BONUS #3 The OBGYN marketing kit and learn how to partnership market effectively with your local OBGYNs, valued at $49.99

BONUS #4 The new “Worth the Weight” Marketing Kit valued at $79.99

BONUS #5 The Infant marketing kit and learn how to partnership market effectively with your local high-end stores, valued at $59.99 You are probably wondering……… how much a course like this would cost.  How do you put a price on over ten years of knowledge plus the unprecedented email support?  Individually each piece sells for:

First Year Infant Tutorial………….. $195.00

OBGYN Marketing Kit……………….   $49.99

Worth the Weight Marketing Kit…… $79.99

Infant Marketing Kit……………………..$59.99


Bundled price……………………………..$225.00 For a limited time only I am offering the infant photography program for 60% OFF $90 (discount code is BABY) Order Now! Shipping is an additional $12

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