Welcome to Studio 2.8 Lightscapes Learning Center.  Lightscapes is located in Duluth, GA at the intersection of Albion Farm Rd. and Rogers Bridge Rd.  The location is easily accessible from all areas of Gwinnett County and the neighboring cities of Alpharetta, John’s Creek and Cumming.

To locate Lightscapes use this address:

3883 Rogers Bridge Rd NW, Suite 201B Duluth GA 30097

If you are using Mapquest or a GPS, please insert the NW after Rogers Bridge Rd. There are two Rogers Bridge Roads and we do not want you to go to the wrong street. Lightscapes Photography is located at Olde Towne Commons office park which is between Peachtree Ind.Blvd and Buford Highway in Duluth GA.

The Lightscapes location is in the front of the complex, the first long building on the left end.

History about the Lightscapes Location:

Way back when, the property that Lightscapes Photography sits on, was a 5 acre single family estate.  I lived two blocks from it, so I drove past it everyday. I would sometimes fantasize how wonderful this site would be for a photography studio.  In early 1999, the property went up for sale. I called the number on the for sale sign and found out the sales price was about $550,000. I knew I couldn’t afford that, so I just kept dreaming about it. About a year later, I drove by and gasped…the house had been torn down, the trees were razed and there was another for sale sign. This time it was to advertise office condos for sale. I quickly called the phone number and found out the price. This time I could afford it. I bought one and was the very first closing out of 42 office condos. In May of 2001 I purchased my location for Lightscapes Photography. My dream had come true!

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