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Want to shoot your DSLR in the manual modes, but can’t remember all the settings? Is all the terminology Greek to you? If so, you should consider using our NEW PHOTOGRAPHY APP. Designed by Mary Buck, photography educator, for amateur photographers who want to take their photography to a new level, or any photographer who wants a cheat-cheat at their finger tips.

Mary developed the photography app in 2012. Many of her students would leave class and say. “this was a very informative course, but how am I going to remember everything?” Mary got to work and developed the recipe theme, because she loves to cook and bake. Since 2012 , hundreds of photographers have purchased the app. Mary also has the app of her phone and admits using it recently when she photographed the super full moon.

The Photography App includes a baker’s dozen (13) recipes for 13 different situations:

  • Shallow Depth of Field
  • Extreme Depth of Field
  • Stop Action
  • Slow Motion
  • Live Concerts
  • Indoors Dark Backgrounds
  • Low Contrast/Close-ups
  • High Key Images
  • Back-lit Subject
  • Sunrises & Sunsets
  • Starry Sun
  • Fireworks
  • Full Moon

Each recipe card has the ingredient mix for:

  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Lens focal length

And directions on how to mix it up for a PERFECT PHOTOGRAPH. Also includes 3 recipe tips on how to understand exposure and flash.

Priced at just $10…is available for the I-phone,I-pad or I-pod as a working app. If you have another type of smart phone, or none at all, you can download the second option – a file folder of all 13 photo recipes so you can view them on your computer or print them out for the field.

The app can only be purchased on this site. It is not available at the Apple Store.




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