Photography for Beginners

Are you confused on how to use your digital SLR Camera?


If so, I can help you. Whether or not it's a Canon, Nikon,Sony or Pentax camera, a brand new camera, or one that you have had for years, I can show you how to take great photos in my 4 hour class on How to Take Creative Control of Your Digital SLR Camera.

Hi, I’m Mary Buck. I have been teaching photography classes since 2003, long before the digital craze. Since then my program has grown with over 1,000 students since 2011. As a trained photographer who owns a successful portrait photography business, why do I teach photography? I do because I want others to learn the tools to grow their artistic vision through the medium of photography and then to see the enriching effect it has on their lives. I want to share the ecstatic feeling of “painting with light.” My 4 hour hands-on class is the best in the industry (all humility aside). But don’t take it from me; read what others have said:

“Absolutely fabulous learning experience. The materials are very well written and Mary is so gregarious and so smart.. I came from Woodstock and would absolutely travel past 10 other classes to have her again.” Helen

“Class is great! Love the practice time after we learned each thing. Great job in keeping is from getting side-tracked. I’d recommend to others!” Heather

“I learned a lot that I can use as a beginner. Thanks for teaching me so much that I can do and for making it easy.” Nicolle

“For a true beginner, this class was fabulous! I learned hot to use my new camera!” Belinda

“This was a great class! I knew the capabilities of my camera far out-weighed my knowledge, but now I feel that I have become more equal to my camera and will be able to use it to a fuller extent. No more “Auto Mode”. Sara


Join us for an Exciting Beginner Photography Class


It is designed for digital SLR camera enthusiasts, hobbyists, and aspiring professionals. In this four hour course you will learn how to use the manual controls of your digital SLR camera. The lessons are divided into 13 chapters, each of which focuses on only one topic. Hands-on and step-by-step teaching enhances the learning process so you can fully absorb one concept before moving on to another. The final goal is to teach you how to “previsualize an image” so you can become a more creative and artistic photographer.

You may have the most creative eye in the photography world, but learning these terms and the other manual controls of your digital SLR camera will help take your photography to a new level.

What's Inside the Course?

As just a quick "sneak preview," the content of the course covers:

  • Shooting modes; aperture priority, shutter priority and manual mode
  • ISO settings
  • Depth of field
  • Composition
  • White balance setting
  • Lighting
  • Lenses & filters
  • How to see the light
  • Fill Flash
  • Understanding Exposure
  • How to read the Histogram
  • Focus modes

Fill flash digital slr camera

Course Information

What to bring: Your camera, manual, and lenses. Also make sure you have fresh batteries and a blank memory card.

Cost: $85

Location:  Lightscapes Portrait Studio  Click here for directions.

3883 Rogers Bridge Rd. Suite 201B Duluth GA  30097​

Policies: There are no refunds with less than a 48 hour cancellation. Cancel by calling: (770) 623-1040 only. Please no text messages.

We only accept 11 people in each class.

Classes are held rain or shine. If the weather in inclement please bring an umbrella and rain gear to protect your camera.


It’s the same E-book we sell with our online course

2017 Class Schedule

July 15 2-6PM

​September 16.  2-6PM  This will be the LAST CLASS

Located in Olde Towne Commons Office Complex

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