How to Shoot in Manual Mode

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In this course you will learn how to acquire your own unique, creative vision for photography. The course reviews exposure and the exposure triangle before diving into the mechanics of manual mode. You will learn four techniques for a creative exposure, with plenty of time to learn while you shoot. You will also discover how to post-process a camera RAW image in Photoshop with a suggested workflow. The course is designed as a hands-on and step-by-step learning process with 10 lessons and over 90 minutes of video. Each lesson has a quiz and assignment to reinforce your learning.  The goal of the course is to teach you how to cultivate your own personal style of photography by using creative exposures vs. correct exposures in manual mode. How to Shoot in Manual Mode is more than just a course on how to set a DSLR camera to manual mode. It goes much deeper than that by cultivating the artist within you. This course is designed for those who are fully committed to becoming an exceptional photographer.

See what a recent student had to say:

“How to shoot in Manual Mode is an excellent online course. It helped me understand the exposure and creative exposure in depth and the methods to use the manual mode to create the ideal exposure photographs.  The Quiz and assignments helped me review and practice what I learned.  Mary’s feedback and answers to my questions were instrumental.  More importantly, the online course has no expiration date.  I went back to review the materials a few times.  I am very happy that I took this course.” Hai-Ping

Includes: a discussion forum for 24/7 answers to questions

Level – Intermediate to Advanced Photographers

Requirements: Digital SLR camera, a beginner level photography course and a good understanding of exposure, aperture and shutter priority modes.

This course has no expiration and you can take it at your own pace.

Price – $125

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