How to Start a Photography Business

This section of the website, Going Pro, is dedicated to helping you plan, launch, and grow your own photography business. If you’re serious about turning a portrait photography hobby into a career, you will find all the resources you need on how to start a photography business.  You can begin by browsing the pages listed under the Photography Business Scene section. The first, most important page to read is how to develop a niche. From there you can read many of the other articles and also see if you would like to invest in some training. We offer training on pricing and sales which are the most important parts of operating your own business.  I have also written an article on ten tops tips for starting a photography business.

Here are just a few of the topics that are covered in the Photography Business Scene:

  • Fundamentals of operating a business (whether it is in your home or a dedicated retail space)
  • How to diversify in a tough economy
  • The importance of the selling process and how you can apply lessons from human psychology
  • A wide variety of business models to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

At this point you may be asking yourself, “Photography equipment, trends, technology, and styles change every year. What good will this material do me?” The truth is that there are elements of business that never go out of style, no matter how much photography changes. Mastering these fundamentals is the key to successfully starting, running, and growing your very own photography business.

Read what a former student had to say:

My wife bought me one of your classes last year. I found it very informative. We had talked about how I had been doing sports photography for some years but that I was giving away all my shots to the parents on my sons teams. You encouraged me to stop doing that and start my own company. Well I did that not long after the class. Jackson Taylor Photography. I only do it part time but it has really taken off over the last several months. So much so I have had to turn some work away. Should you have any students in your class be interested in that type of photography please send them my way. I hate having to turn potential customers away.Thanks again for motivating me to start my business.”

Michael Flagg

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