Testimonials for Beginner DSLR Course

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“I really enjoyed your online course – it has been exactly what I was looking for and the topics covered as well as the very clear structure helped me to gain a much better understanding of my camera. I particularly liked the practical part – the funsignments – a lot since it is a very effective way for the student to learn. Thank you!”

“As the mother of two young children I love photographing their many adventures but I often find myself using the “auto” feature on my DSLR. After reading several photography for beginners books I still found myself needing and wanting more information on how to take better pictures. How to Take Creative Control of your SLR Camera has been a wonderful online course.  The videos really explain how to use your camera and take better pictures. The Funsignments allow you to apply the principles from each chapter.  Mary Buck responds quickly after reviewing your photos. She’s been so helpful and available to answer any questions.  It’s been a wonderful, interactive course that has allowed me to learn more about my camera and how to successfully take creative pictures.”

“This class was wonderful!!!! The style of teaching was the best I ever had. From immediately working on the lesson we just learned to giving examples of pictures you would take with a certain lens and settings.”

“Incredible class. I came in thinking I knew all about my camera. Boy, was I wrong. Worth every penny.”

“I really liked the hands on assignments where we took shots in each setting to compare the difference. Very effective teaching method.”

“For a true beginner, this class was fabulous! I learned hot to use my new camera!”

“This class is worth every penny. It is phenominal, the difference between this class and others.”

“This class helped me understand how to use the controls on my camera and to understand the concepts such as white balance, exposure etc. Definitely got my money’s worth.”

“The class was well worth the time and money. I liked the way the lessons were broken into segments with practice time in between so you actually use your camera and what was just covered. Learning that way really made the information stick.”
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